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                                         Imitating silk – the appeal of man-made art silks

Art Silk Sarees have taken the market by storm from the time they have been introduced. An excellent alternative for online pure silk sarees which are costly, comparatively they are light, airy and very comfortable during the hot weather making them most preferred for all-day wear. Artificial Silk or Art Silk, is a synthetically manufactured fibre which resembles silk. Rayon is one of the best examples of Art Silk.

The special appeal of Art Silks

Art Silk Sarees cost less to produce, have properties similar to that of the fabric from natural fibres, and even the feel and texture of cotton, silk or wool is closely imitated. These silks accept most dyes in a wide range of colours. Rayon the earliest form of art silks and others like it are fabrics soft and smooth to the touch. Being highly absorbent, the Art Silk Saree keeps the body cool and comfortable since it does not insulate body heat, making it ideal for use in hot and humid climes.

The continued popularity of Art Silks

In the present day, imitation silk may be made with rayon, mercerized cotton, polyester, a blend of these materials, or a blend of rayon and silk. Surprisingly with demand for artificial silk on the increase, despite efforts to curb prices, a rise in price of rayon fabrics, has been noticed. In recent times, rising cotton prices have led to the replacement of cotton with rayon in fabrics. Designers also, have switched over to incorporate rayon in their newest saree designs.

Tracing the advent of Art Silks

Cellulose fibers are manufactured from dissolving pulp.Cellulose-based fibers are of