Salwar Kameez for weddings

Salwar kameez, Shalwar kameez, Salwar suit, Punjabi suit or Chudidar kameez describe the simple traditional two-piece dress accompanied by a covering piece known as dupatta or chunni. The salwar, loose trouser like garment, the kameez, the upper garment worn from the shoulders above it and the shawl or scarf also called chunri . The chunni additionally covers the front upper portion of the dress but also serves to cover the head in the Gurudwara or temple and in veneration when family elders are present.

Worn mainly by women in India and the Asian sub-continent, viable alternative to the saree on many occasions the Shalwar Kamiz or Shalwar suit has been widely accepted as a national dress. This Punjabi suit or Indian ethnic garment has reached major NRI populated countries like USA, Canada and UK evolving from plain household clothing to chic and stylish fashion attire.

Salwar kameez and dupatta

The kameez, upper portion of the salwar kameez influences the buying decision to a large extent. It can be traditional to trendy to ultra fashion. The Kameez could have decoratively designer cut necks in a V with artistic embroidered borders or the neck could just be a plain semi circular one. The bottom portion of the kameez could be having no noticeable border or it could have a patch border having attractive floral prints, thread work, or borders in plain multi-colour. The body of the kameez is the most attractive portion that could be plain and striking, have beautiful Bagh or Phulkari patterns, attractive bootis with zari thread work, or fancy designer floral prints covering a substantial part.

The salwar or shalwar, the lower half of the salwar kameez, is generally wide at the top and narrow at the ankles, gathered at the waist by a drawstring or an elastic band.


The salwar could be wide, baggy or even narrow, depending upon the preferred style. The salwar or shalwar always accompanies the kameez to match or provide a delightful contrast. It could be plain, have light to heavy prints or plain with borders having embroidery or some other attractive adornment.

The dupatta or chunni, complement to the salwar kameez, is a lovely separate broad decorative piece worn over the shoulders, covering the front portion of the kameez and left hanging loosely behind from either side. Adorned by floral prints, geometrical patterns, attractive multi-coloured stripes or modern designs, it could additionally have exquisite end borders with vivid patterns. It is the picturesque canvas that enhances and completes the aesthetic appeal.

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