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Payment Options

Unnati Silks offers many payment options to our customers.

You can pay us by:

Through Credit cards including visa, master cards

American Express and I-cash cards are also accepted

Through Debit Cards from leading banks of India

Through Cash On delivery in India ( In available service locations across India )

Through Net banking from many leading banks both Domestic and International.

Through Demand Draft, Deposit of Cash : The instrument should be taken in favour of 'Unnati Silk Prints Private Ltd' payable in Hyderabad, India.

Through Cheques : Please note that the cheques, demand drafts should reach us within 7 days of the order being placed. Cheque purchases will not be shipped until the Cheque has been cleared.


The bank account details will be emailed to you, once you opt in for Cheque or Demand Drfat option while placing the order.
For any further details regarding the payment options and facilities, you can either email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also reach us at +91-040-69590000