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Bagru - Differences

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Difference between Sanganeri and Bagru style of printing

• The main distinguishing feature between Sanganer and Bagru printing is that Sanganer print is usually done on a white ground, whereas Bagru prints are printed on an Indigo or a dyed background.

• Local water also has its effects. In the water of Sanganer, the results of block printing are very rich dark shades of colour, while at Bagru one finds a reddish tinge in the block printed textiles. Water was (intentionally being used in the past tense) abundant in Sanganer; due to which dyeing, printing as well as washing could be done very easily. In contrast at Bagru, where water is comparatively scarce, ‘Dhabu’ resist printing and indigo work is practised more often.

• Traditionally, motifs printed at Bagru are large with bold lines, as compared to Sanganer, where sombre colours and fine lines, intricate detailing are practiced. Sanganeri motifs are based on nature, while the motifs of Bagru are more often geometric.

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