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Rich History of Arani – Handloom Town of Tamil Nadu | Weavers of India

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Arani, a small town and municipality in Tiruvanamalai district of Tamil Nadu, India, literally means a place surrounded by a forest. A population of close to 65,000, Arani lies along the banks of Kamandala Naga river. Ruled by the Cholas after they defeated the Pallavas, it was a fairly peaceful period for quite some time. During the Nawab period, there was a struggle between the British, French and Nawab Hyder Ali. The victorious British captured Arni.

In the early 1930s Mahatma Gandhi had visited Arani and the Simon Movement also took place somewhat then.




Arahanthgiri Jain Math is a Jain Math that was established at the ancient Jain site of Tiruvannaamalai in August, 1998. The complex includes 3 Jain caves, 4 Jain temples and a 16 meter high sculpture of Neminatha thought to date from the 12th century that is the tallest Jain image in Tamil Nadu. The town also has a large community of silk weavers who specialize in making silk sarees. Hand looms are most frequently used for the weaving, although recently some have turned to mechanized methods such as Power looms. Arni is the number one in revenue earning in Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu.


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