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Kancheepuram - Silk City with Thousand temples

Weaving of Fabrics in Kancheepuram

The looms used in Kancheepuram are mostly Frame looms. Frame looms are looms which are fixed in a frame and looms peddle will be at the floor level and the weaver will sit on stool and use his hands and legs to weave.

To create designs in the sarees, first the design is been made in a computer and then that design is punched into thick cards and then this card is loaded into the Jacard in the loom, so that according to the designs and the holes in the card, the needles will pull and put the threads which will create designs in the saree while weaving. Jacard is a box like structure at the top of the loom which contains needles which will read the punch card of designs.

The handlooms in Kancheepuram are famous for the softness and durability. The handloom fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear and are suitable for all climates. Kancheepuram looms mainly manufacture silk saree.

The Government of Tamilnadu is doing its best for the marketing of the handloom fabrics made by the weavers of Tamilnadu through Co-optex, the weavers feel that it is not sufficient for the survival of handloom sector. Co-optex is a co-operative society for procuring handlooms product from the weavers and sell these handloom products through its outlets.

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