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“Imagine, an education system where children are taught that the only time we should look down on someone is if we can help them up”

-H.H.Radhanath Swami
Spiritual Activist, Author and Teacher

Beyond the call of business

Unnati Silks has always believed in contributing to good causes, especially issues that crop up, which we believe could affect the health and well-being of society. We gear ourselves up to contribute our mite small as it may be. When there is sincerity in the effort, a fair amount of success is bound to follow. This is our belief and what we have experienced in our journey so far.

We have been active since very many years with interactive seminars and lectures on depression, anger management etc. subjects relevant to students unable to cope up with the turbulence in their lives and strive to find ways to balance life and experience harmony in their existence.

Today we have a reach in 1000+ colleges, hundreds of lakhs of students.They are opening their doors like never before. For us it was important that students listen to us not because of college pressure but because they want to willingly.
True change can only come when it is from within.


A close bonding across four decades
Journey with weavers

Unnati’s association with weavers across India began in 1980 and has continued to grow stronger by the day. We have never interfered with the weaver’s pride in his work, but have simply educated him about tastes and trends to get him to improve the appeal of his offerings to the market. It has helped him to improve tremendously upon what his work used to fetch earlier.