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Elampillai – village of gifted handloom weavers

Elampillai is a small village situated in the district of Salem in India.It is around 25 KM from Salem town. It is a thinly populated village. The people here are engaged in agriculture and handloom weaving.Elampillai silk sarees which are very famous and is available at wholesale and retail in the market and one can easily purchase Elampillai silk sarees.

Elampillai is well known for handloom products in silk, cotton, polyester.The specialty of Elampillai Saree is the Butta designs in the pallu and border

Elampillai handlooms are well known for the durability of the colours used in the yarn. The mixture of colour gives the durability. The count used in weaving gives the softness and hardness of the fabric.


Count means the number of threads used in the length and breadth for weaving known as warp and weft respectively. The width of the saree comes to 51 inches. Each and every thread of the Elampillai handloom saree is hand woven.In Elampillai a weaver weaves around 4 sarees in a week.In Elampillai cotton, silk, polyester and silkhon (110 Dinear) handloom sarees are weaved. They also weave silk shirt material.