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Ayappan Pooja Sangam Temple

This is a temple for Hindu God Ayyappa or Harihara Putra (born to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, the primary Gods of the Hindu religion) and is well kept but always crowded. The complex also consists of other facilities like marriage hall, concert hall etc for community events. Traditional Kerala rituals are followed in this temple. There are the sannithis of Lord Ayyappa (presiding deity), Lord Vishu, Lord Shiva, the Lordess and the Navagrahas.The temple is built as per Kerala Architecture.

Ayappan Pooja Sangam Temple, Coimbatore
Amaravathi Dam

This can be turned into a good picnic spot, since there is boating inside the dam. There is a crocodile park nearby which you can visit. There is also another falls a few kms away from these falls. Falls might be tiring for elderly people and for kids, so one must take this into account.

Amaravathi Dam, Coimbatore