Virtuous handlooms in a new line of designer fabrics

Fabrics fascinate, captivate or inspire based on what they display to the onlookers. Cloth from looms, mostly operated by hand, other than the power loom are defined or known as handlooms. Handlooms are interesting weaves that provide unlimited scope for variety with the type of fabric, the weave count, the motifs, patterns, designs, adornments, colors, special unique features etc. being the very many variants that allow for endless permutations and combinations. Handloom fabrics especially sarees, salwar kameez, kurtas, kurtis, are woven across the length and breadth of India at different locations, each location having its own tradition of weaving. Each variety has its peculiarities, forms of adornment, its special characteristics and the making process.

An array of handloom fabrics

Cotton is a fine natural fibre whose fabric is soft, light, airy and very comfortable, especially during warm weather conditions. It is durable, has good color affinity, and is skin-friendly. Cotton handlooms offer good canvas for designs, patterns and motifs. With good blending qualities, cotton handlooms of traditional styles have been used with silk to get blended Sico and Cotton silk fabrics of very good quality and durablity. Since they offer good canvas for prints, beautiful designer versions are available using traditional printing techniques in a wide range of extremely vibrant and pleasing colours.

Silk, jute, linen, and other natural fibre threads are also used to create wonderful handloom fabrics. While silk and cotton have tensile strength to be stretched in the weaving process, some of the other natural fibres achieve their strength in the making of fabrics only through blending with silk or cotton. Artificial or man-made fibres like chiffon, georgette are also used to make fabrics on hand operated looms.

A special line of designer handlooms introduced at Unnati Silks

Change or variety is the spice of life and with the potential of handlooms for unique and innovative experiments, a fresh line of apparel that are a pleasant mix of Indian styles and western adaptations, have been introduced as flavours for a market always seeking the novel.

Experimenting with handloom cotton, with revolutionary ideas and imaginative prints of Dabu and Bagru, and silky creations in Chanderi, a new line of online Palazzo Pants in handlooms has been created. Exotic designs and innovative patterns with international appeal has made creativity touch new heights.Printed Palazzo pants have been available since long, it is a foray into handloom cottons with Indian ethnic processes that has generated new interest. 

You can find floral arrays, geometrical shapes, zigzag patterns, diamond shaped color myriads and a lot more to capture your attention. Bottom flares range from small to the wide to accommodate comfortably and look attractive for most womanly sizes. Vegetable dyes that are skin friendly and durable, in colors vibrant and varied have been judiciously combined to present appealing outcomes.

Stylishly chic it is fashion for you to explore with the new designer kurtas kurtis online. Novel and trendy, exploratory and unique, these handloom kurtas and kurtis of prints and designs are easy to slip into. Jazzy patterns, snazzy designs with eye- catching motifs, stylish buttonholed neck, embroidered, uniquely styled collars, and elegantly matched with various formats of sleeves from the sleeveless to the full sleeved, the Indian new line designer kurtas show off the fashionable look. Accompanied by suitable bottoms and with paired accessories, these designer kurta kurti offerings simply sizzle.

Purely handloom, online women’s shirts styled to look every inch designer with novel introductions and unique features, this range seems to be very promising. You have waist length shirts in floral design, with figurine motifs, delightful apple cuts, experimentation in the necks with straight collar, rounded collar, neck collar and other varieties. Then there are the formats of buttoning, hooks, zips etc. with stylish front pattern, sleeves from full to very short, designs in bright hues block printed in organic colors. You have shirts with the back portion extended beyond the length of the front part that is curiously exciting.

A special line of unique innovative designer women’s tunics online, with novel features, likeable and pleasing to the eye, has been displayed online at Unnati Silks, that has already received favorable feedback from the market. You have shoulder straps like for men’s shirts on the organic color block printed Chanderi tunics in different vibrant shades. You have the collar less pulled-down-the-head type in magnetic zigzag designs on Chanderi in three fourth sleeves format with bell sleeves, others with the short sleeves and sleeveless in floral displays.

There is the stylishly chic scout scarf or knotted tie type that does excellently with Palazzo pants, another variety being the slit from halfway type tunics with zipped fastening. The knotted muffler like variant on left or right neck portion, the boat neck lining tunic with a colored belt at the waist and figurine motifs, are creations that have tremendous appeal. Handlooms of good Chanderi weave and backed by the trusted Handloom Mark, it is designer that is presented all the way. 

The new line of designer wear in the stitched dresses section of Anarkalis and Pakistani style suits has besides adhering to the usual styling, introduced some innovations that are fairly unique and captivatingly attractive. One is the accent on pure handlooms in cotton, silk, blends, art silk and other envisaged materials in the near future. There is variety of length and sleeves which widen the range, there is an accent on beautiful shapes and sizes of neck to suit tastes, especially with artistic embroidery and fastening formats to accentuate the look. Fields plain, colored with floral designs, other colorful patterns and matching or contrast borders with their embroidery or colored stripes or bands serve to achieve heightened effects. The many judiciously chosen hues are combined beautifully with the processed dyes also providing good adhesion and thereby durability. Some of the floral designer Pakistani styled suits are brightly hued with classy embroidered motifs, with plain or lightly adorned designer backs that display elegance and allure.

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