Single line cave like depictions – Warli painting sarees

Warli Painting is the folk art created by the tribals found on the outskirts of Mumbai, mostly in Thane district. This tribal art was originally created for transfer of folklore to successive generations, once practised only by women.

Features and appeal of Warli Painting

The themes of Warli paintings depict humans, animals, and scenes from daily life.The white depictions on red or brown coloured mud walls are simple drawings with profound themes portrayed. The paintings, resemble pre-historic cave paintings in execution. Scenes of humans engaged in hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting are generally chosen. Warli painting is done on mud walls using only one color, white. Warli paintings representing Palghat, the marriage god, including horse carrying bride and groom are considered sacred. Dots, lines and geometric patterns are mostly preferred. Themes such as Pujas, special occasions, human tales and suffering are popular subjects. The appeal of Warli paintings lies in the simplicity and straightforward narrations on canvas. Today this art has also been transferred to a popular canvas, the saree, which is both a traditional attire and a national heritage.

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The essence or highlighting feature in the Warli Painting sarees is the miniature detailing where the details are so sharp it is next to impossible to know that it is tribal art made with the crudest of tools. It is indeed a professional masterpiece. The fine Warli Painting sarees in Pure Tussar and Dupion Silk in light colours and pastel shades with the saree being plain and having sparsely distributed motifs across the saree. The eye-catcher is the Pallu or end-piece of the saree that hangs from the left shoulder where the Warli Painting theme or tribal art is displayed in full magnificence and in marvelous detail. Generally the themes are about everyday life, flora and fauna, dancing groups and other such social subjects.

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