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Epic Tales on Canvas – Patachitra Sarees

Patachitra or Pattachitra has its origin in Odisha, India. ‘Pata’ is cloth and ‘chitra’ means picture or painting in Sanskrit. Hence Pattachitra would come to mean painting on a cloth or canvas. An old art form, it displays epics and religious themes in detailed narration on any broad canvas. The Indian saree with its ample spread offered sufficient scope for this painstakingly executed, unique ethnic offering that ‘wowed’ even the contemporary audience of today.

What is Patachitra ?

Pattachitra is painting done on canvas, manifested by rich colourful application, creative motifs and designs, and portrayal of simple themes, mostly mythological in depiction. The tradition of pattachitra paintings is more than thousand years old. A traditional art dating from historical to ancient times, this Odisha craft of painting on any form of canvas has themes from Hindu mythology inspired especially by the Jagannatha and Vaishnava cult. Rich in colour, with extraordinary designs and motifs, the Pattachitra painting on the saree involves the narration of mythological stories in a simple and lucid manner. Murals of religious venues centred around Puri Konark and Bhubaneshwar. All colours used in the Paintings are natural and paintings are made fully the traditional way. Themes are mainly on Lord Jagannath and radha-krishna, Jagannath, Balabhadra and temple activities, the ten incarnations of Vishnu basing on the Gita Govinda of jayadev, Kama Kujara Navagunjara, Ramayana, Mahabharata.

The Patachitra process

The area for the painting to be made is prepared by coating a mixture of chalk and a special kind of gum.

This gives a leathery finish to the surface on which the painting with vegetable and earth colours is done. Lines drawn are direct, without any tracing and then colours are filled in. This is then given some form of coating to provide the gloss. Organic colours used in the Patachitra saree are primarily bright, with red, yellow, indigo, black and white given prominence. Application of colour is through the use of hairs of domestically reared animals, bunched together and tied to a small stick. It is a marvel that despite the crudity of the tool, the outcome is so sharp and detailed. Despite the time consumed, the effort being tremendous the devotion and dedication of these ethnic craftsmen remains intact even today. Small wonder that the exquisite, flawless Patachitra creations enjoy the attention of an appreciative market.

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The Patachitra painted on fine Tussar silk and Jute Gicha silk sarees available at Unnati Silks, as a style within the designer range, have certain marked features. Lines are bold, very clean, angular and quite sharp. There is an absence of landscapes, perspectives, or intended views. The backdrop would have flowers and other floral representations to distinguish the figures that are drawn or represented in the foreground. There are decorative borders and a theme designed in the form of a narrative becomes evident. Unnati creations do not dilute traditional style in a weave. There is only additional adornment incorporated to market taste that comes off beautifully. This confidence comes from close association and working with master weavers and craftsmen of different traditional styles across India since three decades.

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