Fabric Variety in the festive season at Unnati Silks

by parineeti lal

The festival season has just concluded. The deluge of saree varieties proves a point. The saree weavers across India have been busy unleashing their talent and displaying their creativity.

At Unnati Silks, as always, no stone was left unturned to provide the best of the best for the saree-loving public at large. Something novel and heart-warming for the wearer to feel good in, creating admiration in onlookers, while sparking off a tinge of envy in fellow rivals also set to do the same. The collection of sarees on display during the recent festive season is simply mind-boggling.

And as usual the eager and expectant have just not been disappointed. Instead awe and admiration for the depth in variety and the range of diversity in sarees is seen on hordes of buyers at offline stores and in the raving notices posted online by thrilled women in India and overseas who have kept Team Unnati working at a hectic pace for the past three months.

What have been the varieties that Unnati Silks has provided for the market?

 Narayanpet Cotton – Occupying a place of pride in the Southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, it is the workmanship that fetches it compliments and the price. It is the play on wide zari borders and the plain body of the saree in beautiful colour contrasts and combinations and the lovely sheen on the cotton that make women go gaga over the offerings.

Bandhani cotton – The Bandhani white to very light patterns can never be boring. Added is the lovely contrast between border and the body of the saree. Plenty of attractive outcomes to choose from!

Mulmul cotton – A fabric woven in Bengal so sheer and soft, the cotton muslin offers a beautiful canvas for traditional processes like the Bagru, Batik and hand-block printing to create beautiful floral designs and geometric experiments that enamour saree-lovers across India.

Bagru Mulmul cotton – The traditional finesse of Bagru experimented with an exceptionally smooth fabric as Mulmul cotton yielding astonishingly eye-catching block printed sarees is what this extraordinarily colorful collection is all about.
Ajrakh Mulmul – A beautiful combination of age-old Ajrakh tradition of printing on a super fine canvas as Mulmul cotton and you get lovely bewitching designer sarees. Trendy and tasteful, a delight for the fashionable woman!

Bangalore sico – Despite being a cousin to the neighbouring Mysore saree, the Bangalore saree stands out on its own for brilliance and workmanship. See for yourself a fine assortment of Bangalore designer sarees in sico.

Bhagalpuri embroidery – A saree gift from the Bhagalpuri weaver in sico! Cross-stitching on the pallu and thread weaving of design on the border, it is a devoted effort that consumes a lot of time. It is such selfless dedicated work that touches the heart.

Mangalagiri cotton
– Known for its quality products in cotton, this time around too the Mangalagiri cotton sarees are smooth cotton offerings in pleasing light colors with play upon borders both wide and narrow, zari and plain, in floral and geometric prints.

Chiffon – An extravaganza in colors and prints seen on fine art chiffon sarees is worth exploring for the unique outcomes. You have colors ranging from slightly dull to bright, vibrant to pastel, giving prints on the sarees a likeable shine and shimmer.

Kanjeevaram – The fine weaves of Kanjeevaram appear in scintillating colors that dazzle. Brilliant color combinations and the extraordinary zari work especially on the borders and pallus make this a worth-having collection.

Kanchi cotton – Kanchi weavers are traditional masters of their art and their weaves never cease to amaze. This time around too the quality of the weaves is superb with plain sarees adorned by beautiful line of images on the entire contrasting border. There is a lot of glistening sheen on the cotton sarees that creates buying interest.

Kalamkari cotton – In a series of different colored plain Kalamkari sarees with lovely floral printed borders and attractive pallus, it could go with fascinating matchmaking Kalamkari blouses to complete a pretty picture of the wearer.

Bengal Muga & Bengal Tussar silk – Block printing on a material like smooth silk is a tricky job but the talented Bengal weavers have done a marvelous job of floral designs and amazing imagery through hand block printing on sheer Tussar silk and the very silky Muga silk of Assam.
Bengal Linen – a wonderful assortment in smooth linen fabric with attractive imagery, embroidery, color combinations that enthrall, and plenty of zari work, that together create mesmerizing aura.Bengal Tant cotton – Known as a smooth weave, this range of Tant cotton sarees in light & vibrant colors has come off brilliantly. Definitely much is to be gained in exploring further.

Art Silk(Crepe) – A range in art silk sarees displaying floral canvases with thin plain borders, it is both creative and colorful.
Art Linen – A collection of contemporary prints on smooth art linen sarees for your consumption.

Banarasi sico – A lovely set of Banarasi sico sarees that contain enticing brocade sarees with broad zari orders, plain sarees with image printed borders, tantalizing large width zari borders with floral designs and some others.  Kota Banarasi – A fine Kota fabric that carries excellent workmanship of the Banarasi weaver, a lot of zari work in pastel offerings, the collection sizzles.

Tussar Silk – pleasing and pastel is the theme for smooth and plain Tussar silk sarees with zari work to adorn the borders and pallus

 Shibori Cotton – Arty endearing designs from the traditional shibori process, an offshoot of the well-known Bandhani process, decorate fine cotton sarees. Worth exploring!

Batik Chanderi – The exotic Batik with its enigmatic yet attractive outcomes spreads itself on the well-known Chanderi sico sarees. A designer collection that you would be interested in probing further!

 Mysore – A lovely collection of the soft and magnificently appearing Mysore sarees in endearing linen fabric. Brilliant colors, well-chosen as always! This range is definitely worth exploring.
Mysore sico – The qualitative Mysore sico sarees in wonderful light and bright colors that are a feast for the eyes.

 Maheshwari sico – The weaving excellence of fort town Maheshwar seen in its fine sico sarees carrying creative hand block printed designs. A collection of weaves that enchant!

 Georgette – A wonderful collection in fancy and ethnic prints on fine georgette fabric makes for a lovely set of enrapturing sarees that would woo any woman of fashion.

Printed Kota Cotton – Light colors, simple and elegant designs make for good adornment on the popular ‘khat’ self weave Rajasthani Kota sarees. Definitely worth looking into!

While this lot of sarees is still very much in the reckoning even after a busy festival rush, there are already plans on the anvil for the coming year which should continue to enthuse the ever eager and expectant market while also providing continued opportunity for the weavers to exercise their skills and provide more interesting fabric fare.

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