Ayan iyengar

He has worn out more shoes than probably you or I might have bought. Never a one, to be at his actual home he feels at home wherever he may be, since he is always on the move and much used to it by now. Come rain, come shine, he makes it a point to travel to exotic locations and get into the nitty gritty of whatever he comes across. Never mind those small inconveniences that others would shudder to think about. Unfazed by anything thrown at him and quick to reply this Socrates is our lovable asset, a know-all of sorts, our mobile storehouse of information whom we always bank on for that ‘Ayan perspective’. We let him loose on whatever that catches his fancy and which he would like to expound on. If like us you would like to get a different angle to things you may try your luck at press@unnatisilk.com

Wellness and Health with Green Tea

There is a sudden shift in the drinking habits of tea drinkers, across many countries and including India of course. In India green tea is a fad in many homes, that is now quickly becoming an alternative or in addition, to the conventional black colored tea with its addition of milk and sugar.

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Dushhera – a celebration of Good over Evil

Dushhera or Dasara is one of the most celebrated festivals of Hindus across the world, and a culmination of the nine nights or Navaratri, observed as a celebration of victory of good over evil. Celebrated on the 10th day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu month Ashwin, it has many relevant stories about the celebration attached to it. Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated 20 days after this auspicious festival.

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Burra Bazar – the heartthrob of Kolkata

Say Burra Bazar (also spelt as Bara Bazar) meaning Big Market to any Kolkata resident and the face lights up. Known as the Mecca of shopping for the very rich and the hoi polloi, the traditional buyer and the adventurous treasure hunter, the young and the old, this familiar and popular destination for various reasons is always bustling with multitudes of enthusiastic buyers.

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Onam – when King Mahabali returns to meet his subjects

The festival celebrated with joy and gusto across the state and enjoyed to the hilt, Onam is not merely celebrating an occasion, it is tasting tradition and taking in the sights, watching a picture unfold and enjoying the scenes as they flash by, trying to enjoy every bit of it yet feeling that a lot more had been missed. Onam cannot be taken in one go. But the feel of Onam can have you coming back for more. Plan your trip, make your reservations, land there and just enjoy!

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The Indian CEO – a global phenomenon

For something that was a rare phenomenon a decade or so back, the recent spurt in a whole lot of individuals of Indian origin occupying top-notch positions in multi-national conglomerates and global entities would if the trend continues become run-of-the-mill some more years hence. Some of the cream companies in the areas of IT, ITES, social media, that have a large presence of youth and known for path-breaking initiatives like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Cognizant, MasterCard are brilliant showcasing examples of how the young Indian is perceived today.

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