A Ready Recknor of Major Government Handloom Schemes – Explained in a Nut Shell

by parineeti lal


One of the schemes meant for implementation for the benefit of handloom weavers is the assistance from the Central Govt. to State Govts. and Union Territories in setting up enforcement machinery to ensure that power loom and mill sectors do not violate the provisions of the Handlooms (Reservation of Articles for Production) Act, 1985.


The Centre shall:

  1. Encourage and assist State Govts. and Union Govts. by setting up where necessary, and strengthen the infrastructure where it is already existing, so that implementation of provisions for the benefit of the Handloom sector shall be effective.

This would be in addition to the already in place, Handlooms (Reservation of Articles for Production) Act, 1985 introduced by Central Govt. agencies namely the Development Commissioner for Handlooms and the Textile Commissioner.

  1. Based on some conditions, be setting up office and providing for the financial part of Recurring and Non-recurring expenditure also for the purpose.

Certain salient features of the scheme are as below:

Setting up of the scheme would entail

  1. the State or Union Territory would have 5000 or more power looms operating within it.
  2. there would be a Central Office and headed appropriately, with subsidiary offices under its control. Each subsidiary office would be covering at least 20000 power looms in its area of jurisdiction.
  3. Staffing would be based on the requirements of the provided infrastructure.
  4. The funding thereby in terms of recurring and non-recurring expenditure would also be likewise.

Forms would have to be filled up by the concerned authorities of the respective state govts. along with the request for such assistance.

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