A new species of Kanjeevarams just for your pleasure – from Unnati Silks

by parineeti lal

You have mostly been accustomed to buying the pure handloom silks of Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram. A recent addition to the vast collection of Handlooms at Unnati Silks is the Kanjeevaram silk cotton range in scintillating colors and endearing designs. Priced more affordably the designs and workmanship

The Kanjeevaram silk cotton range of sarees

As mentioned this range of Kanjeevarams is of silk cotton or sico.

  • It has designs of flora and fauna mostly in the brocaded portions concentrated on the borders and Pallu (Pallav) or end-piece.
  • Exquisite workmanship as usual it has the familiar temple design within, inclusion of both familiar and novel motifs, a good use of sparkling quality Zari that make each product as desirable as the next.
  • The pricing is also such that it stays exclusive but affordable for a larger number of buyer

Why are handloom silks sought after?

  • Traditionally silk has been considered to pure and auspicious, to be worn on special occasions. Dictated by religious texts the handloom silk saree is prescribed for women to wear during religious rites, festivals and other auspicious occasions.
  • Rich Handloom silks, a favourite with most women because of the rich look, their airy comfort and exclusiveness in price compared to other fabrics give the elated feeling.
  • They are the ultimate in grandeur and no wedding or anniversary function is possible, even today, without the Silk ‘Pattu’ sarees being on display.
  • The bride, the women in the family, relatives, guests who attend, all appear in their resplendent silk sarees of different varieties or traditional styles.
  • Incorporations of designs, patterns, colours and adorning features like zardozi, ari, gota and other forms of embroidery, kundan work, mirror work, chamki work etc. enhance the rich-textured fabric.
  • Costly pure silk sarees range from 15000 rupees upwards to touch a lakh and above. Most women jealously guardtheir purchases, wear them with caution and care, and display them only during exclusive occasions.

The exclusive Kanjeevaram Handloom silk saree

Kanjeevaram silks are not mere fabrics, they are a tradition in Tamil Nadu that have risen in popularity across India to reach overseas too.

A Kanchipuram silk saree is known for its timelessness or that it cannot be pinned down to a period.

You have the purely traditional ones with predictable designs and ornamentations that have remained popular over time. There are the lighter-in-weight versions that serve nicely during humid weather. But the Kanjeevaram is also a fine weave that incorporates innovative ideas and trendy additions to make it more market-friendly.

Woven by craftsmen living in the Kanchipuram region, who have mastered the craft of fine weaving, they have been creating mesmerizing Kanjeevaram silks since traditional times. Known for motifs and architectural incorporations popular during the Pallava period, the Kanchipuram silks follow a rigorous regimen in creating the weave. Border, body and the End piece or Pallav are woven separately then interlocked seamlessly in a tight joint known as Korvai.

The base material silk of fine quality is added upon with suitable linings and smooth textured designer elements that give it a special shimmering effect. It is this quality that these good count weaves are enhanced with and given the grand fabric variety its overall reputation as a valuable product.

Popular motifs still include nature, flora and fauna, but of late market tastes are getting included in a manner pleasing to the eye. The costly varieties could have richly woven pallus with paintings of scenes taken from the epics – Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The Kanjeevaram Silks generally have deep colors, this range of silk cotton Kanjivaram Pattus are light-hued.  When it comes to purchasing the former a lot of thought is required, but purchasing the latter would not be much of a poser. The grandeur in both cases is awesome.

Silk cotton may not replace pure silk but it definitely has a following of its own. In today’s times when the cost of silk is rising, silk cotton or sico retains many of the virtues of the pure silk version, yet becomes much more friendly-priced for the vast many who were hesitant to purchase the former.

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